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see if we can get ourselves killed before we die

FFX-2 - GippalxPaine
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gippaine ; gippalxpaine livejournal community

Welcome to the first Gippal/Paine community on LiveJournal. Read the rules, share the gippainey love and join the comm. We'll be happy to have you.


o1 ] Keep all posts related to Gippal/Paine in some way. Try not to stray off topic.
o2 ] No ship-bashing. Don't simply join to tell us we suck and that Gippaine would never work. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, yes, but if you don't like it, simply don't join it. Drama is no fun.
o3 ] Be respectful to other members of the community. Try to keep in mind that everyone isn't of the same ideas as you are.
o4 ] D0 n07 7y|>3 lyek dis. It's annoying, not to mention hard to read and understand. You might think it looks cool, but just.. don't do it.
o5 ] Please label your fanworks appropriately if they need a warning and put them behind an LJ-cut. Some of us may be younger than others. Also, stealing fanwork is prohibited. If you would like to post fanwork that is not yours, be sure to give credit to the person who owns it. More importantly, ask permission first before doing so.
o6 ] If posting large graphics or more than five icons, put them under an lj-cut. It's not hard. Go check the faq if you don't know how.
o7 ] Have fun!


If you have any questions, complaints or worries, please feel free to contact the moderator;

journal; fairypark
email; xenophobian@gmail.com
aim; auroranian ice

She will help you the best she can.



If you would like to affiliate, contact the moderator.